Logistics park «Novosemeykino»

Logistics Park «Novosemeykino» is specially organized to accommodate new production facilities on the territory of the Samara region, provided energy resources, engineering and transport infrastructure, necessary administrative and legal conditions, managed by a specialized company JSC «Industrial parks». Logistics Park «Novosemeykino», located on the border of the city district Samara in the Krasnoyarsk municipal district of the Samara region near the M5 intersections Ural and Starosemeykino Highway.


Average price:


the price includes all the necessary communications on the site

The land will be provided through assignment of lease with a purchase option (5% of the cadastral value)

The final cost of the land plot depends on the land plot location and infrastructure requirements.


41,1 ha - total

ha - vacant

33,3 ha - planned